People finding their true selves, purpose, & living out God’s dreams for their lives & our cities.... 


When we encounter Jesus, truth, everything has potential for change.  We believe that Jesus changes lives, communities, and cities for the better.  

Wayfinders launched in Feb. 2017 with weekend worship experiences and CityGroups.  The worship experiences will feature relevant-to-life teachings, an environment of worship, a great place for kids to learn and play, and an atmosphere open to everyone.  CityGroups are the most important aspect of Wayfinders.  CityGroups are groups of people meeting regularly to connect and help form their lives around the teachings of Jesus.  

In addition to weekly worship experiences and CityGroups, Wayfinders is focused on impacting and changing the community we find ourselves in through CityEvents.  CityEvents are life-giving events for the community.  Essentially, we find fun ways to serve and love people.

Ultimately we desire to impact the most people possible with good news that leads to positive life change through a relationship with Jesus. 


Wayfinders was born out of a desire to see people find their way to a better life.  We believe that is made possible through knowing Jesus who is the Way, Truth, and Life.  People have been gathering together and impacting the world in the name of Jesus for millennia.  Deeply rooted in the Jesus tradition is a calling to become co-creators of a better, more life-giving, world.  Pastor Todd Barker is answering the call to help people find their way to Jesus.  In 2015 a conversation and dream arose to see community churches launched in the Austin/San Antonio area and in January 2016 the Barkers moved to Kyle Texas to help make the dream of Wayfinders a reality.